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Beaulieu Vineyard

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Halleck began working with Beaulieu Vineyard in approximately 1984. When we began, the brand identity was tired, dated, and poorly executed after almost a century of inconsistent attention.


Over the course of over 15 years, Halleck redesigned the logo and corporate identity. This was extended into packaging for all BV wines, including glass selection, corks, capsules, outer shippers, and, of course, front, back and neck labels. The brand was further extended into food products and merchandise, all designed by Halleck. We tackled the customer loyalty program, conceiving and executing two tiers of printed materials for club members. Halleck took on retail merchandising, displays, shelf talkers, brochures, trade kits, press materials, and special event graphics, including large banners displayed on Union Square in San Franciso commemorating BV's 100th anniversary. Our greatest priviledge was to conceive, design and produce BV's 200 page history book, Private Reserve, published on the winery's 100th birthday.


It would be presumptuous to claim credit for results in the growth of a brand the stature of BV. While achieving awards is not a metric we would normally cite, our work with BV won more awards across more industries than any other client in our short history of a quarter century.