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Advantage For Analysts


Advantage For Analysts was a financial software application developed in-house at Babcock & Brown, a large investment bank. It was employed to manage the complexities of substantial wind energy development deals, taking into account multiple parties and their individual interests, as well as tracking the progression of events. It was not a product, but needed to become one.


While the internal development team was at work "productizing" an arcane and sophisticated financial modeling application for external use, Halleck took on the task of creating a brand, developing a communications strategy, and building awareness of Advantage as a thought leader in the renewable energy industry.

Specifically, this included creating a logo and business stationery, printed/digital marketing collateral, web site, PowerPoint presentations, and trade show booth. Additionally, we built relationships with the senior editors and publishers across the renewable energy industry who demonstrated editorial interest in finance.


In the course of three years, Advantage shifted from an unknown commodity to being featured on the front pages of the most respected industry publications in renewable energy. They moderated panels and spoke at the leading industry events. They were sought to counsel content providers on agenda and relevant issues of the day. Halleck organized hospitality events that became the most coveted tickets at the international conferences and expositions.

Advantage converted this awareness into customer relationships with the most respected utilities and financial organizations in the world.