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DayJet began as a vision. There was no name; there were no airplanes; there was no identified target market; there was no specific region; there was no service. Further, it was a software company applying its technology to air services.


DayJet represents the most comprehensive and expansive application of our methodology. We began by developing a strategic brand platform. This was followed by extensive qualitative and quantitative research throughout the southeastern United States. With a clear idea of our target customer, we worked with the founders to settle on the name, DayJet. Working in parallel, we created the logo, the tagline, and primary message map. These were parlayed into the first web site and industry white paper. We then branched into applying the identity to the aircraft, inside and out, as well as the corporate brochure, press kit, and direct marketing program. We are currently engaged in expressing the brand through the physical point of presence, the DayPort, to be built in selected general aviation airports.