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Halleck has served Sun for over 15 years. Our most comprehensive effort was the launch of the Sun Netra Sever. It required in-depth understanding of the technology to discern the potential benefits to customers. This needed to be translated into compelling materials that would result in sales.


Halleck interviewed all of the key engineers responsible for developing the product. We had extensive workshop-style discussions to gain an understanding not only of what the product did, but why. We continued our research with interviews of the sales force. Finally, we interviewed potential customers, both current and prospective, to determine their appetite for the features represented and their desired features.

Halleck developed the Netra Golden Pitch, an extensive modular PowerPoint deck, that included slides suited to every target audience segment. The slides were loaded on a CD with a matrix, indicating which audience was suited for each slide, or set of slides. Key slides were locked to maintain production, brand and message integrity.

Also developed were launch posters, brochures, sale sheets and web content.



"The Sun Netra Server 'Golden Pitch' introduced new imagery that creatively delivered content-rich information. We asked Halleck to deliver a '10' in both content and creativity...we feel that we got a '12'. 

Jeffrey Greenwald, Director of Outbound Marketing, Volume Systems Products, Sun Microsystems.