What We Deliver

Qualitative Research

It is strongly recommended that market research be employed to validate any brand and product positioning work —prior to investments in execution. From our experience, exploratory work using qualitative research is useful in obtaining relevant information about what an intended positioning is actually communicating from a respondent’s perspective.  It is also helpful in exploring the complex set of requirements and past behaviors that may be driving attitudes and choice.

One-on-one interviews allow in-depth exploration of the attitudes and factors that influence marketplace perceptions and help assess the strengths and weaknesses of a newly crafted brand strategic platform.  Other factors can also be introduced, such as pricing, competitive offerings, and the appetite for a particular product or service.

Halleck works closely with you to prepare criteria for research candidates (screener) as well as a discussion guide to address all of the salient information objectives.

Quantitative Research

If quantitative research is desired, a market study can be structured to validate the effectiveness of considered branding and sales messaging with 100-150 prospective customers. This optimizes messaging in follow-on marketing and especially lead qualification programs.  It also provides a level of confidence and conviction in the marketing and lead generation plan, and risk mitigation in dollars spent on subsequent marketing and sales programs.