What We Deliver

Who This is For

Halleck is for CEO’s, Chief Marketing Executives, Marketing VPs and founders of business-to-business organizations of all sizes that would like to improve their market performance. Our processes and services address a wide range of marketing challenges:

Lack of perceived differentiation: “me-too” market positioning
Low visibility or name recognition in the market
Inconsistent messages
Elongated sales cycles, high loss ratio or “no-decision”
Slow ramp-up and absorption of products by field sales channels
Competition is setting the agenda
Need for a fresh approach
Lack of experience planning or executing a market validation, major launch or positioning initiative

Halleck is particularly effective for:

New company, product or market introductions

Corporate identity development
Branding initiatives
Company re-launch and positioning
New or emerging category creation
Evaluation and penetration of new market segments
Post-merger re-launch and positioning
Product marketing strategy