What We Deliver

Services and Process

Halleck services follow a proven process. Across hundreds of companies and thousands of applications, the services we offer continue to bear fruit. That said, there is nothing etched in stone; each situation contains different variables and must take into consideration existing circumstances. While we will prescribe a linear progression, everything that we do can be tailored to your company's needs.

Great communication is built on a broad base of information from many sources. Halleck has an extensive toolkit of services to accelerate information gathering, consensus building and execution.

• Brand Architecture Workshop™
• Dialogue Marketing Workshop™
• Market Validation Research
• Web Integration Workshop™
• Brand Audits

Working together, we apply our proven approach, drawing on the intellectual capital within your organization, to achieve success.

• Creative Briefing
• Program Development
• Project Definition and Scope
• Scheduling
• Setting Metrics for Evaluation

  Competent execution is a primary measure of success. Whether it be the development of a messaging platform to inform and inspire; or the distillation of vision into a single logo; or a comprehensive marketing communications program to launch a company or product; exceptional creative effort will yield extraordinary results.

Together we learn from every effort for greater and greater success.
• Evaluation and Metrics