What We Deliver

Communications Planning: Dialogue Marketing Workshop

Integrated marketing communications is about:

  1. Getting noticed by breaking through the market noise with a single voice.
  2. Creating demand with clear, compelling messaging.
  3. Attracting qualified customers by communicating singular messages to the right audiences in the right way (through the media they consume).
  4. Maximizing your return on investment by:
    • Employing strategically grounded tactics that get results.
    • Creating an integrated program that is greater than the sum of its parts (integrated messages and media that reinforce one another both strategically and tactically).
    • Reinforcing customer loyalty by proliferating the message through every customer touch point.

    These are the principles behind the Dialogue Marketing Workshop­—a structured program of ongoing, two-way communication.

This one-day workshop for sales and marketing personnel serves to flesh out tactical solutions that align with the overall brand strategy. It provides a quick-start approach to building a marketing communications plan that is inclusive, draws on the creative and intellectual capital of workshop participants, and achieves rapid consensus.